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Chef Guo innovates organic dishes that in harmony with the essence of nature. Creating culinary works of art that immerse diners in their delectable flavor.Truly Chinese Imperial Banquet Cuisine.

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ChefGuo Imperial Banquet is the artistic creation of California University of Management Honorary Doctor, Master Chef Guo Wenjun. This cuisine makes manifest Master Chef Guo's thirty years of culinary experience through an elegant Chinese imperial dining setting. ChefGuo's cuisine is rooted in the mystic Chinese teachings of imperial Chefs and physicians in antiquity and the teachings of his master, Imperial Chef Ding Guangzhou. It is a culinary art that is centered on balance, moderation and complementation and fuses ancient Chinese teachings with modern nutritional science. Each dish is a meticulously crafted culinary work of art that satisfies even the most sophisticated palate. A cuisine that has been served to global leaders at the APEC economic leaders' meeting numerous times and was always met with high praise by all its esteemed attendees.

ChefGuo Imperial Banquet uses only the finest ingredients from around the world. We strictly use only organic ingredients and spices that do not contain preservatives or artificial additives.

The fundamental philosophy of ChefGuo is that flavor is foremost and nutrition is essential. A culinary craft that is one with nature, spreads health and wellness, upholds tradition while innovating in the present and shares the essence of Chinese culture with the world.

Chef Guo - Guo Wen Jun

Master Chef Guo has had extensive training at the finest academies and has studied under the elite masters of this era. At the age of 14, Guo Wenjun became the disciple of Master Chef Ding Guangzhou, a seventh generation disciple in the line of royal chefs. Following this, in 1983 he continued his training at the National Youth Chef instructional program. In 1992 he had further training in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong International Haute training program.

After decades of diligent training and hard work, Guo Wenjun not only mastered the Chinese culinary tradition but also has unceasingly researched the culinary techniques of masters around the world, making a path for the fusion of traditional Chinese Culinary arts with that of the rest of the world. With a "Use the excellence and discard the unwanted of the past" modus operandi, Chef Guo is at the forefront of culinary innovation. Chef Guo has created a style of cuisine and follows a culinary presentation philosophy that is revolutionary. Chef Guo has an especially unique take on new school of Cantonese, Hong Kong and Western cuisine, using culinary techniques that the world has yet to see, thus being deemed by the media as the "Pioneer of the New Age of Culinary Arts".

Guo Wenjun has followed in the traditional imperial cooking philosophy of his great master: "A good meal is beneficial, arrangement is paramount, flavor is foremost, nutrition is essential", and has used this traditional philosophy in unison with modern culinary techniques. In blending tradition and innovation he created the Healthy Royal Cuisine Culinary System, displaying to the world the true essence of Chinese cuisine. On numerous occasions Chef Guo served his cuisine to the leaders of nations from around the world with the upmost success, gaining the praise of government officials from across the globe.

Guo Wenjun places the upmost emphasis on tradition and traditional Chinese culinary culture, believing that: "One must master the art of following tradition before one can master innovation". Chef Wenjun therefore is a very strict teacher of his disciples, demanding only perfection in mastering the traditional Chinese culinary arts. As a result, all of his disciples, like their master, have become elite chefs in their own right. Standing on their firm culinary foundation, they have taken on the challenge of being chefs in major hotels around the world. Even though Master Chef Guo has reached the pinnacle of being a teacher and as a chef, he still is continuously learning and gaining new knowledge and understanding of his art.

ChefGuo has previously served as:

  • Chairman and Culinary Director of Hong Kong Guo's Cuisine International Management Group.
  • Executive Chef at Diaoyutai Garden Villa International Club.
  • Executive Chef, at the Platinum 7 star Beijing Palace International Hotel.
  • Executive Chef at the Imperial Kitchen of the Palace Museum.

Chef Guo has also received numerous awards from organizations all over the world:

  • Golden Award at the 6th National Cuisine Competition in China.
  • Special Golden Award from the Association International de la Gastronomie Chinoise.
  • Gold Medal at the Asia Cuisine Competition.
  • Recognized by China as an Elite Master of the Chinese Culinary Arts.

Chef Guo has been featured by numerous major media outlets:

  • China Central Television
  • Shanghai TV
  • Henan TV
  • Gansu TV
  • Beijing Media Network

Chef Guo has also appeared on the cover of multiple major culinary publications:

  • Chinese Chef
  • World Cuisine
  • EastEat
  • Celebrity Chef
  • Window to Cuisine

Apart from this, Master Chef Guo has also published his own cookbook of healthy cuisine simply named The Banquet. The Banquet has become extremely popular, a staple around circles in the culinary industry.

"Elegance of Flavor, Brilliance of Color, One with the way of nature, spreading the essence of Chinese culture with the world." Preeminent Master Chef of this generation, Guo Wen Jun


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